Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring is for finishing the house!

May 2015 - Kitchen Progress

Huge thanks to Alex of Tiny House Talk for the wonderful writeup on our home and this blog. We're getting a lot of welcome encouragement from the tiny house community. Keep reaching out, commenting and following our progress. We love to answer questions and see inspiration from others who are building small.  

Off to a strong start this spring! Check out the latest finishes here. The kitchen and bath are ready to plumb and the wood stove is now installed and fully broken in.  

Our next step is to get 360 square feet of rough sawn boards sanded, stained and onto the ceiling. This will require us to rent scaffolding and a brad nailer, so we're procrastinating a bit in order to enjoy some beautiful spring days. 

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  1. Harbor Freight has a brad nailer on sale (coupon flyer) for $15. Be really picky about the lumber if you get tongue and groove. It took almost 10x the labor for one warped board as it did for a straight one. We got lucky and found wood that was the full width of the ceiling so we didn't have to deal with cutting and splicing each row. Good luck!! - Jay