Step 3: House Raising

The house raising was a well-organized process that occurred over six long build days. 

Day 1:  Arrival and staging

Not a collision. The truck carrying the Bungalow in a Box tool trailer stays down the driveway, out of the way of the bigger truck maneuvering into place up top. 

The Bungalow in a Box boom truck navigates into position alongside the house. The slopes, mud and tight turning areas on this site were very challenging for this loaded truck. 

More maneuvering by the skilled driver.

A mayday call to our excavation pro to clear a better spot for the boom truck alongside the house.

Finally in place, work can begin. 

The first panel goes up. Each panel is a complete four foot wide wall section consisting of framing, siding, sheathing, air barrier and windows. 

By the end of Day 1 the east-facing wall of the house is precariously assembled and braced by the boom against wind overnight.

Day 2: More wall panels go up

Day 3: More panels and timber framing

The giant timber ridge beam locks two walls into place. Phew.

A large casement window in the loft provides a bird's eye view into the forest.

Heavy timbers span the living area.

Beveled edges and joinery details. 

Timbers spanning the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Day 4: The loft floor and first SIP roof panels

Custom milled tongue and groove flooring lowered into place for the loft. 

View from the loft right before the SIP roof panels are placed.

Day 5: Finished roof and front porch

The porch takes shape. The window wall faces east to maximize morning sunlight and mountain vistas. The porch entry faces the creek and will eventually lead to a stone patio and fire pit. 

Our custom window design pays off with tons of light and interesting views. 

Day 6: Final details including the front door

Before wrapping up the house raising week, we install the front door and frame the wall separating the kitchen and bathroom. 


  1. I really like the design! I'm building my own small (384 sq. ft) house in New Mexico so I like seeing your story.